thought for today

i snapped this picture on a windy day in seoul, two summers ago.
"love your life. love your dream." -yooksam building


lucky me

dear husband,
umm... hi. do you practice posing in the mirror? is that the real reason you let me sleep in a little every morning? just curious...
goodness me. you are handsome.
note to you: next time i get grumpy at you for eating the last brownie, make me look at these.
pretty sure we'll have some pretty cute kids. [someday]mhmmm.

thanks for choosing me. and double thanks for letting me use one of our date nights to snap some pictures of you. you're the greatest.
want some pictures of your sweetie? contact me!


drumroll please.

and the winner is...

[why yes, i did use my glitzy cowboy hat for the drawing]

contact me at angiehmilne@gmail.com.
let's set up your session!

for everyone else, thank you so much for your comments and emails! and i won't let you sneak away too easy.. if you would like pictures taken, i will be offering a deal for anyone who sets up a session this week!

this smokinest hot deal of the century includes:
-$30 for 60 minutes of camera time [for groups of 5 or more, $10/each extra person]
-location of your choice
-a disc of edited images and memories to last a lifetime [cheesy i know]
-the start of a beautiful friendship with me! [optional]

just contact me sometime this week to set up a date/time!

coming up: beautiful wilson sisters & my dashing husband


free session

interested in getting some pictures taken?
to kick off the birth of this new blog,
i'll be giving one lucky commenter a free photo session!
so, leave a comment on the blog by friday and i'll randomly pick one!

you will get:
-around 90 mins of camera time at the location of your choice
-a disc of edited images for you to keep
[not to mention some quality time with me...]

thanks for visiting the blog!


industrial chic

{alayna and stephanie}

gorgeous girls.

these girls totally worked the camera.
i loved it.

great location, great girls.
so much fun.

don't be surprised if you see these girls on ANTM next season.

"umm hi, tyra banks? watch out."