blue eyed beauties

The Linford sisters
{Angela and Alison}

the prettiest blue eyes
that you ever did see.

I visit teach Angela. Alison is one of my young women. I think they're both dandy.

Don't let these super smiley girls fool you, it was INSANELY humid out. We barely survived.

All in all, a great shoot.

beautiful blessings

These little angels are Stu's and my niece and nephew.
{Benson and Bela}

Their parents first met in Portuguese class at BYU...

Dad served his two year mission in Brasil, and Mom spent a chunk of her life there when her dad was mission president.

[my Stu served in Brasil also]

In Portuguese "benson" means blessing,
and "bela" means beautiful.

So fitting, I think.

sister, sister

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One time, I decided we should take pictures for mothers day and this is what came of it.

Seriously fun shoot. So full of loveness.


ian and tori

the days of the canon point-and-shoot...
I actually love the shots that came out of it, these in particular.

I "nanny"-ied these little grubbers for a few months when Stuart and I were first married. When it was time for me to leave them, I decided to do a short photo day and make a present for their momma out of it.

Sarah {momma} hadn't gotten pictures of these kiddos in a couple years and was so delighted when I brought her the images.

happy to make someones day