town mouse, country mouse

i went to new york while stuart was in brasil. my aim wasn't to take pictures, but i took a few that i wanted to share.

my mom and i spent the first two days in the city. which is truly remarkable. i am always amazed and leave wishing i could go back and live.

we speed-walked around times square, and walked along 5th ave peering into the shops.

gawked at the architecture.

mosied around the MET. [i'm having a serious love affair with that place]

took a stroll in central park.

ran to catch our train at grand central.

and then, we spent a couple days just 40 mins out of the city. now that, is where i could really call home. the wonder of the city was lost in the incredible beauty that lay just outside.

autumn was on it's way, and had just started to touch the trees with color.

we went to a beautiful garden, just off the road and right on the hudson. i felt like mary lennox and shared her secret with me.

nothing man-made can lay a finger on natures creations, on what our heavenly father beautified our surroundings with.
i think i more suit the persona of the country mouse. ohhh yes.

what do you prefer? do you love the hustle bustle and grandeur of the city, or the serenity and quiet beauty of the country?


baby buckaroo

Nate and Amy [and a little one on the way]

these two are expecting their little boy to join them in just a few more weeks!

amy looked so peaceful [despite all the different poses i was having her try]

if you haven't guessed, his name is going to be RIGDEN. it's the only name they could both agree on. i love it!

Rigdens room is decorated in a cowboy style, so we took some fun pictures in gilbert. these totally fit Nate and Amy's personality and turned out so cute!

they have so much love for each other, and so much for the little guy in amy's belly. love these shots.

this little cowboy is so lucky to have such great parents. congrats Nate and Amy!